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Siobhain Calkin


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Carleton University
Saracens and the Making of English Identity (Routledge, 2005; ppbk 2009)

“Narrating Trauma? Captured Cross Relics in Chronicles and chansons de geste,” Exemplaria 33.1 (2021): 19-43.

“Passion Relic Devotion, an Implanted Relic, and a Prostheticized Body: Rethinking Matter and Agency in ‘A Grete Myracle of a Knyghte Good Callyd Syr Roger Wallysborow’,” Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 54.2 (Spring 2024): 299-329. DOI 10.1215/10829636-11130370

Siobhain Bly Calkin, ed. “A Great Miracle of a Knight Good Called Sir Roger Wallysborow: Modernized Teaching Edition,” Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 54.2 (Spring 2024): 330-32. DOI 10.1215/10829636-11130370
Research Interests
Crusading Texts
Middle English Romance
Tales of Passion Relics in Muslim-Christian Contexts
Thing Theory

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