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Andrew Klein


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St. Thomas University
“Cartographic Imaginings: Mapping Anglo-Scottish Existence in the Late Middle Ages,” Studies in Iconography 37 (2016): 31-74.

“Scots take the Wheel: The Problem of Period and the Medieval Scots Alliterative Thirteen-line Stanza,” Studies in Scottish Literature 43.1 (2017): 15–21. 

“Rhymed Alliterative Verse in Mise en page Transition: Two Case Studies in English Poetic Hybridity,” with Kathryn Kerby-Fulton, in The Medieval Literary: Beyond Form, Edited by Catherine Sanok and Robert J. Meyer-Lee (Boydell and Brewer, 2018).

“‘Her shull Danes sett banes’: Cultural Amnesia and Medieval Misrememberings of an English North Sea History,” Early Middle English 3.1 (2020).
Research Interests
-Middle English romance
-medieval English national identity
-"global" perceptions of the medieval English nation
-manuscript mise-en-page and English poetry in its manuscript context
-manuscript studies
-digital approaches to the study of medieval English literature

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